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Bombala, NSW



Matches 101 to 150 of 222

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
101 Martin, Mary Annie Grace  1868Bombala, NSW I108091
102 Martin, Teresa Jane  1875Bombala, NSW I97373
103 McNee, Barbara May  3 May 1916Bombala, NSW I107885
104 McNee, Geralda Laura  29 May 1910Bombala, NSW I33732
105 McNee, Jane  10 Jun 1882Bombala, NSW I33704
106 McNee, John Darcy  1907Bombala, NSW I33636
107 McNee, John Richard  6 Feb 1907Bombala, NSW I33730
108 McNee, Mary  1855Bombala, NSW I33773
109 McNee, Neville C  11 Mar 1905Bombala, NSW I33728
110 McNee, Percy Henry Donald  1887Bombala, NSW I33743
111 McNee, Robert Stewart  25 Sep 1888Bombala, NSW I33749
112 McNee, Roderick Lawrence  20 Jun 1902Bombala, NSW I33666
113 McTernan, John Bernard  1901Bombala, NSW I32888
114 Moreing, Vida J.  1894Bombala, NSW I108127
115 Murphy, Ada  1857Bombala, NSW I104522
116 Murphy, Mary Margaret  1883Bombala, NSW I107963
117 Peadon, Henry Comben  1900Bombala, NSW I5630
118 Rankin, Roderick Kenneth A.  1884Bombala, NSW I108117
119 Richardson, Berenice Myrtle  ca 1899Bombala, NSW I123723
120 Roberson, Myra Elva  1904Bombala, NSW I107977
121 Roberts, Evaline Jessie  20 May 1873Bombala, NSW I57243
122 Roberts, Martha Elizabeth  1876Bombala, NSW I57238
123 Robinson, Maria  15 May 1888Bombala, NSW I108165
124 Scott, Andrew  1873Bombala, NSW I82025
125 Scott, Arthur E. S.  1875Bombala, NSW I82026
126 Shinfield, Mary Ann  9 Mar 1863Bombala, NSW I107781
127 Standen, Annie Maud  9 Jan 1903Bombala, NSW I33554
128 Stewart, Allan Benedict  1874Bombala, NSW I107905
129 Stewart, Allan J.  1914Bombala, NSW I108008
130 Stewart, Alma Florence  1893Bombala, NSW I107970
131 Stewart, Andrew Gordon  1872Bombala, NSW I107829
132 Stewart, Andrew Montague  1861Bombala, NSW I107898
133 Stewart, Andrew Stirling  29 Dec 1888Bombala, NSW I33775
134 Stewart, Archibald W.  1905Bombala, NSW I108022
135 Stewart, Arthur Oswald  1893Bombala, NSW I107985
136 Stewart, Audrey I.  1893Bombala, NSW I108016
137 Stewart, Basil Allan  1894Bombala, NSW I107939
138 Stewart, Brenda A.  1904Bombala, NSW I108003
139 Stewart, Bride B. S.  1890Bombala, NSW I107928
140 Stewart, Cameron Curtis  4 Feb 1895Bombala, NSW I52755
141 Stewart, Cameron R.  1908Bombala, NSW I108058
142 Stewart, Caroline E. M.  1884Bombala, NSW I107926
143 Stewart, Clyde Oswald Supplice  1 Feb 1884Bombala, NSW I52748
144 Stewart, Coulson Douglas  1881Bombala, NSW I107924
145 Stewart, Darcy Michael  1906Bombala, NSW I107990
146 Stewart, Dilly L.  1891Bombala, NSW I107958
147 Stewart, Donald H.  1890Bombala, NSW I107830
148 Stewart, Doris R.  1903Bombala, NSW I108055
149 Stewart, Douglas C.  1907Bombala, NSW I108057
150 Stewart, Douglas Roy  1898Bombala, NSW I108019

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