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Balmain, NSW



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andrew, Ernest  1884Balmain, NSW I23700
2 Baird, Harold Robert  ca 1875Balmain, NSW I123724
3 Bland, William Alexander  ca 1891Balmain, NSW I117575
4 Cameron, Charles George  25 Nov 1859Balmain, NSW I36448
5 Cameron, Christina M.  1907Balmain, NSW I118542
6 Cameron, Donald Clive  5 Jul 1873Balmain, NSW I36484
7 Cameron, Elizabeth Catherine  1866Balmain, NSW I99130
8 Cameron, Elsie Neville  18 Feb 1876Balmain, NSW I36485
9 Cameron, Ethel Jessie  1890Balmain, NSW I107643
10 Cameron, Ewen Mort  3 Nov 1861Balmain, NSW I36452
11 Cameron, Isabella A.  1896Balmain, NSW I107645
12 Cameron, Jessie Mabel  16 Feb 1864Balmain, NSW I36453
13 Cameron, John Adam  14 Sep 1892Balmain, NSW I16281
14 Cameron, Julianna Barbara MBE  9 Jun 1857Balmain, NSW I36437
15 Cameron, Robert D. W.  1868Balmain, NSW I99131
16 Cameron, Robert Murray  1912Balmain, NSW I118544
17 Cameron, Rev Ronald John  19 Jun 1869Balmain, NSW I36468
18 Cameron, Samuel James  1913Balmain, NSW I123721
19 Cameron, Sarah M.  1911Balmain, NSW I123720
20 Cameron, Wallace MacPherson  27 Jul 1865Balmain, NSW I36454
21 Cameron, William Arthur  1894Balmain, NSW I107644
22 Cameron, William Lawson  28 Jul 1871Balmain, NSW I36483
23 Cassidy, Sarah  1871Balmain, NSW I23393
24 Clark, Leslie  20 Feb 1901Balmain, NSW I102275
25 Dickins, Bessie Alice  13 Sep 1915Balmain, NSW I97522
26 Edwards, Ernest Henry  14 Apr 1882Balmain, NSW I16266
27 Flood, Alice Rose  1878Balmain, NSW I84975
28 Flood, John Charles  1892Balmain, NSW I85300
29 Gray, Angus Reginald  1899Balmain, NSW I104450
30 Gray, Bertie William Victor  1887Balmain, NSW I104442
31 Gray, Edward R. C.  1901Balmain, NSW I104447
32 Gray, Eric M.  1908Balmain, NSW I104451
33 Gray, Frederick Gordon  1906Balmain, NSW I104449
34 Gray, George Harold  1889Balmain, NSW I104443
35 Gray, Horace Sydney  1903Balmain, NSW I104448
36 Gray, Stanley Penton  1991Balmain, NSW I104444
37 Gray, Vera A.  1896Balmain, NSW I104446
38 Gray, Walter E.  1893Balmain, NSW I104445
39 Heyden, Victor Samuel  ca 1892Balmain, NSW I117574
40 Kermode, Charlotte Elizabeth  1886Balmain, NSW I87636
41 Kermode, James C.  1887Balmain, NSW I87637
42 Kermode, Lynette  1889Balmain, NSW I87638
43 Kermode, Margaret C.  1893Balmain, NSW I87641
44 Kermode, Wenonah  1992Balmain, NSW I87640
45 Kermode, William  1890Balmain, NSW I87639
46 Martin, Gladys A. J.  1896Balmain, NSW I104771
47 Martin, Harold G.  1898Balmain, NSW I104772
48 Martin, Vivian P.  1901Balmain, NSW I104773
49 McNeil, John  1882Balmain, NSW I94712
50 Payne, Sydney  1882Balmain, NSW I104432

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allan, Robinetta Millicent  1940Balmain, NSW I23475
2 Barber, Jean Marie  30 Mar 1938Balmain, NSW I122013
3 Barber, William Wehnam  30 Jun 1946Balmain, NSW I122012
4 Browning, Reuben Thomas  1966Balmain, NSW I102317
5 Cameron, Alexander Clive  12 Apr 1953Balmain, NSW I25255
6 Cameron, Alexander William  25 May 1953Balmain, NSW I27
7 Cameron, Annabella Laurie H.  12 Aug 1928Balmain, NSW I123118
8 Cameron, Elizabeth Janet  1912Balmain, NSW I79698
9 Cameron, Ellen  24 Jan 1869Balmain, NSW I108970
10 Cameron, Elsie Neville  13 Nov 1876Balmain, NSW I36485
11 Cameron, Ethel Jessie  26 Apr 1894Balmain, NSW I107643
12 Cameron, Ewen Wallace  25 May 1876Balmain, NSW I36423
13 Cameron, George  1968Balmain, NSW I118354
14 Cameron, Helen  Jun 1937Balmain, NSW I118356
15 Cameron, Jeanette Rosamund  1937Balmain, NSW I108659
16 Cameron, Joan Christina Alice  22 Aug 1966Balmain, NSW I28443
17 Cameron, John Charles  19 Jul 1962Balmain, NSW I41838
18 Cameron, Mary  1922Balmain, NSW I82079
19 Cameron, Peter Alfred  1965Balmain, NSW I52663
20 Cameron, Robert D. W.  1869Balmain, NSW I99131
21 Cameron, William Henry  2 Aug 1946Balmain, NSW I117503
22 Cameron, William Patrick  29 Sep 1965Balmain, NSW I115014
23 Campbell, John Ettrick  13 Nov 1958Balmain, NSW I87251
24 Carver, Trixie Vivienne Escombe  1983Balmain, NSW I119007
25 Clay, Elizabeth  2 Oct 1893Balmain, NSW I26459
26 Crockford, Olive Norman  12 Sep 1945Balmain, NSW I20935
27 Dickins, Bessie Alice  7 May 1952Balmain, NSW I97522
28 Duncan, Adeline  1964Balmain, NSW I102322
29 Featherstone, Frank Reginald  1956Balmain, NSW I113233
30 Forbes, Jessie Peter  1964Balmain, NSW I81489
31 Graham, Gladys Ethel  7 Jul 1965Balmain, NSW I33935
32 Harvey, William Alexander  1965Balmain, NSW I123661
33 Kermode, James C.  1888Balmain, NSW I87637
34 Kermode, Lynette  1890Balmain, NSW I87638
35 Lawson, Hazel Elveena  1965Balmain, NSW I96001
36 Lawson, Marion Mabel  1961Balmain, NSW I94696
37 Mackenzie, Walter John  1960Balmain, NSW I21187
38 Maclean, Donald  7 Feb 1908Balmain, NSW I102114
39 Martin, Sarah Ann  11 Dec 1993Balmain, NSW I7673
40 McPherson, Lillian Beatrice Margaret  1966Balmain, NSW I22554
41 McPherson, Mary Henrietta  1960Balmain, NSW I22768
42 Nail, Sophia Usher  8 Jan 1878Balmain, NSW I36424
43 O'Donoghue, Margaret Mary  23 Mar 1958Balmain, NSW I20524
44 Payne, Wallace  1882Balmain, NSW I104441
45 Penrose, Kathleen  13 Mar 1942Balmain, NSW I123248
46 Philip, Catherine  24 Jul 1923Balmain, NSW I102109
47 Ritchie, Mary Hill  1923Balmain, NSW I23452
48 Sinclair, Christina May  15 Aug 1943Balmain, NSW I64406
49 Vanzo, Mary Agnes  16 Jun 1948Balmain, NSW I117048
50 White, Charles  19 May 1947Balmain, NSW I20523

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Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Annie  Balmain, NSW I46363
2 Cameron, Ewen Wallace  Balmain, NSW I36423
3 Cameron, Wallace MacPherson  Balmain, NSW I36454


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Hayes, Jessie  Balmain, NSW I36449


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cameron / Killiner  1945Balmain, NSW F36592
2 Cameron / Nail  7 Oct 1852Balmain, NSW F11322
3 Cameron / Nation  1934Balmain, NSW F36802
4 Cameron / Paton  1915Balmain, NSW F38692
5 Cameron / Robbie  1887Balmain, NSW F33189
6 Cameron / Roberts  1921Balmain, NSW F19008
7 Duncan / Flood  27 Apr 1918Balmain, NSW F1892
8 Foley / Stewart  1899Balmain, NSW F10458
9 Hales / Stewart  1892Balmain, NSW F10460
10 Hamilton / White  1952Balmain, NSW F34992
11 Holt / Cameron  16 Sep 1879Balmain, NSW F11323
12 Kermode / Cameron  10 Aug 1885Balmain, NSW F25080
13 Lewis / Cameron  1935Balmain, NSW F36390
14 McGee / Cameron  1920Balmain, NSW F36419
15 Millard / Wilson  1 Mar 1911Balmain, NSW F11901
16 More / Gay  1894Balmain, NSW F31844
17 Waugh / Cameron  27 Feb 1879Balmain, NSW F11327
18 Wilson / Windred  1908Balmain, NSW F11893
19 Wootton / Cameron  1908Balmain, NSW F37339

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