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Box Hill, Vic



Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 McColl, Margaret Cameron  30 Jun 1924Box Hill, Vic I122269
2 McCurdy, Beryl  1919Box Hill, Vic I86763
3 McCurdy, Maude  1916Box Hill, Vic I86762
4 Murphy, Alexander Martin Cameron  1908Box Hill, Vic I121996
5 Murphy, Evan Cameron  13 Sep 1904Box Hill, Vic I121995
6 Samblebe, Debra Joy  Dec 1962Box Hill, Vic I99536
7 Samblebe, Sandra Elizabeth  Dec 1962Box Hill, Vic I99537


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Albert Hugh  1962Box Hill, Vic I12570
2 Cameron, Alice Maud Bessie  1967Box Hill, Vic I116113
3 Cameron, Euphemia McDonald  1957Box Hill, Vic I102904
4 Cameron, Frederick Clark  5 Apr 1941Box Hill, Vic I17287
5 Cameron, Harold John  1874Box Hill, Vic I121720
6 Cameron, Hubert Adwin  1973Box Hill, Vic I103167
7 Cameron, Isabella Adelaide  20 Feb 1969Box Hill, Vic I60547
8 Cameron, Jane Christina  19 Mar 1947Box Hill, Vic I58100
9 Cameron, Janet Hughina  1970Box Hill, Vic I10975
10 Cameron, Leila Elsie  8 Feb 2008Box Hill, Vic I17292
11 Cameron, May Sophia Turnbull  1945Box Hill, Vic I85422
12 Cameron, Stanley Brian  2010Box Hill, Vic I107513
13 Cameron, William Taylor  27 Sep 1916Box Hill, Vic I51077
14 Coppick, Alexander Granville  1955Box Hill, Vic I33830
15 Darroch, Janet  21 May 1933Box Hill, Vic I58075
16 Davidson, Esme Dorothy  28 Aug 2005Box Hill, Vic I17184
17 Desborough, Charles Edward  20 Apr 1959Box Hill, Vic I111602
18 Fulston, Lydia Ann  13 Dec 1957Box Hill, Vic I115439
19 Hanniver, Henrietta  16 Aug 1962Box Hill, Vic I91753
20 Jury, Annie Louisa  1970Box Hill, Vic I41416
21 Robertson, Jessie Milne  14 Aug 1968Box Hill, Vic I60791
22 Samblebe, Debra Joy  Dec 1962Box Hill, Vic I99536
23 Samblebe, Sandra Elizabeth  Dec 1962Box Hill, Vic I99537
24 Shireff, Alice Margaret  29 Jul 1975Box Hill, Vic I33831
25 Williams, Meady Peterecan Lewis  1972Box Hill, Vic I92182


Matches 1 to 50 of 68

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Alves, Gladys Hilda  7 Aug 1953Box Hill, Vic I40098
2 Barnett, Chota Joan  25 Jan 2000Box Hill, Vic I101106
3 Barr, Mary  12 Jan 1956Box Hill, Vic I101111
4 Cameron, Rev Charles  27 Sep 1928Box Hill, Vic I81135
5 Cameron, Clarence Leslie Alfred  18 Jul 1938Box Hill, Vic I109913
6 Cameron, Very Rev. Donald Allan MA  Box Hill, Vic I59989
7 Cameron, Donald Wallace  29 Apr 1966Box Hill, Vic I109907
8 Cameron, Duncan  21 Aug 1967Box Hill, Vic I29265
9 Cameron, Eliza  3 Feb 1938Box Hill, Vic I51102
10 Cameron, Eliza Gray  Box Hill, Vic I122077
11 Cameron, Elma Marion  Box Hill, Vic I17307
12 Cameron, Frederick Clark  Box Hill, Vic I17287
13 Cameron, Frederick William  Box Hill, Vic I17325
14 Cameron, Rev. George  20 Feb 1933Box Hill, Vic I91963
15 Cameron, George Horton  Box Hill, Vic I17290
16 Cameron, Gordon John  18 Oct 2001Box Hill, Vic I101105
17 Cameron, Heather Harriet  Box Hill, Vic I60079
18 Cameron, Heather Isobel Hazel  22 Mar 2016Box Hill, Vic I60078
19 Cameron, Hugh  13 Jun 1951Box Hill, Vic I99356
20 Cameron, Hugh Leonard  5 Jul 1983Box Hill, Vic I102695
21 Cameron, Dr Ian Thomas  Box Hill, Vic I60049
22 Cameron, Isabella Black  9 Aug 1951Box Hill, Vic I51103
23 Cameron, James  21 May 1942Box Hill, Vic I100067
24 Cameron, James Michael  17 Sep 1973Box Hill, Vic I40097
25 Cameron, John Charles  18 Jun 1969Box Hill, Vic I78665
26 Cameron, John Henry  11 Sep 1946Box Hill, Vic I78663
27 Cameron, John Oliver  Box Hill, Vic I44863
28 Cameron, Joseph Taylor  8 Apr 1925Box Hill, Vic I50764
29 Cameron, Margaret Jane  18 Jan 1956Box Hill, Vic I109906
30 Cameron, Mary  Box Hill, Vic I26533
31 Cameron, Milne Gresswell  27 Aug 1927Box Hill, Vic I87766
32 Cameron, Mina  19 Oct 1971Box Hill, Vic I101114
33 Cameron, Murdoch Campbell  6 May 1971Box Hill, Vic I101112
34 Cameron, Robert Ewen  Box Hill, Vic I60822
35 Cameron, Samuel Sherwen  Box Hill, Vic I81861
36 Cameron, Sheila McIlwraith  Box Hill, Vic I59993
37 Cameron, Stewart Graham  Box Hill, Vic I51083
38 Cameron, Thomas Angus  15 Jan 1963Box Hill, Vic I32242
39 Cameron, William  3 Jan 1924Box Hill, Vic I3731
40 Cameron, William Henry  26 Jul 1943Box Hill, Vic I109911
41 Cameron, William Roy  Box Hill, Vic I51079
42 Cameron, William Taylor  28 Sep 1916Box Hill, Vic I51077
43 Carroll, Catherine  23 Feb 1961Box Hill, Vic I109903
44 Crowley, Mary Josephine  18 Jul 1952Box Hill, Vic I101113
45 Findlay, Isabella  Box Hill, Vic I59990
46 Forster, Dr Donald Cameron  Box Hill, Vic I26340
47 Fraser, Edith Elsie Florence  4 Nov 1999Box Hill, Vic I101107
48 Gallacher, Agnes  12 Apr 1926Box Hill, Vic I51078
49 Gray, Elizabeth Jessie  8 Jan 1948Box Hill, Vic I101103
50 Hallam, Keith Cameron  Box Hill, Vic I60100

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Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Murphy / Cameron  12 May 1903Box Hill, Vic F38034

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