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Kempsey, NSW



Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bedford, Arthur William  1889Kempsey, NSW I46260
2 Cameron, Haidee Esther Alice  3 Sep 1907Kempsey, NSW I59444
3 Cannane, Cyril  1905Kempsey, NSW I46292
4 Davis, Charles Henry  ca 1911Kempsey, NSW I123715
5 Gray, Myra  24 Oct 1912Kempsey, NSW I17904
6 Hoad, Douglas John  1931Kempsey, NSW I97666
7 Hoad, Eric Maxwell  10 Nov 1927Kempsey, NSW I8961
8 Ker, Anna  27 Sep 1864Kempsey, NSW I97051
9 Lawson, Marion Mabel  1891Kempsey, NSW I94696
10 Mills, Eric  1920Kempsey, NSW I92513
11 Mitchell, David  1918Kempsey, NSW I104597
12 Oakes, Charles Alexander  10 Jun 1885Kempsey, NSW I35756
13 Oakes, Clifton Harry James  11 Apr 1884Kempsey, NSW I35755
14 Oakes, Harvey Thomas  13 Aug 1902Kempsey, NSW I35758
15 Oakes, Hubert Vivian  5 May 1887Kempsey, NSW I35757
16 Oakes, Norman Leslie  8 May 1878Kempsey, NSW I97028
17 Oakes, Sholto Douglas  29 Mar 1875Kempsey, NSW I97027
18 Paterson, David Gregg  29 Sep 1885Kempsey, NSW I92188
19 Paterson, George Watson  29 Oct 1887Kempsey, NSW I92189
20 Paterson, Kate McIntosh C. T.  10 Sep 1889Kempsey, NSW I92564
21 Singleton, Mary  1905Kempsey, NSW I111009
22 Singleton, Mathew  1 Apr 1904Kempsey, NSW I111008
23 Singleton, Sheila  1908Kempsey, NSW I111010
24 Snodgrass, Dora Muriel  4 Feb 1886Kempsey, NSW I110992
25 Snodgrass, Erwin Lindsay  4 Jun 1889Kempsey, NSW I110993
26 Snodgrass, Leo Macleay  26 Dec 1893Kempsey, NSW I110994
27 Snodgrass, Merton Oakes  1884Kempsey, NSW I111043
28 Snodgrass, Robert Elwin  27 Mar 1888Kempsey, NSW I111042
29 Snodgrass, Violet Lavinia  16 Mar 1882Kempsey, NSW I110991
30 Snodgrass, William James  12 Sep 1848Kempsey, NSW I97032
31 Sparks, Cameron Macleay  1888Kempsey, NSW I63408
32 Sparks, Harry Richmond  1886Kempsey, NSW I110650


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Batterham, Islet Elvie  29 Jul 1985Kempsey, NSW I111091
2 Cameron, Alexander Taylor  12 Oct 1922Kempsey, NSW I114237
3 Cameron, Clarence Henry  21 Jul 1962Kempsey, NSW I408
4 Cameron, John  1 Dec 1941Kempsey, NSW I59386
5 Cameron, Roderick Maxwell  18 Apr 1990Kempsey, NSW I8374
6 Davies, Ida H.  ca 1971Kempsey, NSW I2760
7 Snodgrass, Dora Muriel  1 Feb 1887Kempsey, NSW I110992
8 Taffe, Ellis  22 Mar 2007Kempsey, NSW I2759
9 White, Sandra Lorraine  10 Aug 2000Kempsey, NSW I2230
10 Wilson, Sophia Davenport  1968Kempsey, NSW I110843
11 Wimble, Elizabeth Selina  21 Jun 1954Kempsey, NSW I59387


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Allan, Doris Isobel  Kempsey, NSW I84201
2 Cameron, Alan Cedric  Kempsey, NSW I59400
3 Cameron, Clarence Henry  Kempsey, NSW I408
4 Cameron, Edward Frederick  Kempsey, NSW I13708
5 Cameron, Elisha  Kempsey, NSW I59399
6 Cameron, Harold Bruce  Kempsey, NSW I59391
7 Cameron, Ian John  Kempsey, NSW I13714
8 Cameron, John  Kempsey, NSW I59386
9 Cameron, Norman Wimble  Kempsey, NSW I59388
10 Cameron, Olive Grace  Kempsey, NSW I59408
11 Cameron, Ross Turner  Kempsey, NSW I59401
12 Davis, Reta Mabel  Kempsey, NSW I13709
13 Kerrison, Mary Thelma  Kempsey, NSW I8373
14 Lamb, Marion Elizabeth  Kempsey, NSW I409
15 Turner, Elsie Maude  Kempsey, NSW I59389
16 Wimble, Elizabeth Selina  Kempsey, NSW I59387


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cameron / Allan  1933Kempsey, NSW F25730
2 Cameron / Mumford  1908Kempsey, NSW F712
3 Cameron / Turner  1919Kempsey, NSW F18415
4 Cameron / Wheeldon  1903Kempsey, NSW F37385
5 Davis / Cameron  1915Kempsey, NSW F36548
6 Davis / Lawler  1942Kempsey, NSW F33270
7 Lindsay / Snodgrass  1919Kempsey, NSW F34273
8 McFadyen / Hastings  1942Kempsey, NSW F9440
9 Oakes / Johnston  18 Dec 1850Kempsey, NSW F29831
10 Oakes / Ker  19 Aug 1883Kempsey, NSW F29832
11 Oakes / Lambert  Feb 1861Kempsey, NSW F29830
12 Oakes / Larkin  1908Kempsey, NSW F34195
13 Oakes / Wilson  1916Kempsey, NSW F34197
14 Olsen / Cameron  1938Kempsey, NSW F38579
15 Singleton / Snodgrass  1903Kempsey, NSW F34255
16 Wilkins / Steele  1941Kempsey, NSW F6424

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