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Gunnedah, NSW



Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ayling, Florrie  1913Gunnedah, NSW I92138
2 Ayling, Horace Stanley  23 Apr 1889Gunnedah, NSW I92136
3 Ayling, John Cecil  1917Gunnedah, NSW I92139
4 Ayling, Thomas S.  1911Gunnedah, NSW I92137
5 Bairstow, Dorothy Myrtle  8 Mar 1919Gunnedah, NSW I74924
6 Bayly, Bruce Joseph  13 Jul 1912Gunnedah, NSW I102128
7 Brown, Ellen M.  1885Gunnedah, NSW I108144
8 Bullock, Annie M.  1884Gunnedah, NSW I91407
9 Bullock, Beatrice M.  1887Gunnedah, NSW I91409
10 Bullock, Eva  1889Gunnedah, NSW I91410
11 Bullock, Robert A. J.  1885Gunnedah, NSW I91408
12 Cameron, Archibald Duncan  1890Gunnedah, NSW I37111
13 Cameron, Archibald James J.  1882Gunnedah, NSW I78571
14 Cameron, Beryl  1913Gunnedah, NSW I81596
15 Cameron, Cleve Campbell  1898Gunnedah, NSW I37099
16 Cameron, Doris W.  1899Gunnedah, NSW I59445
17 Cameron, Douglas  1914Gunnedah, NSW I81595
18 Cameron, Flora  1894Gunnedah, NSW I78572
19 Cameron, Gladys Brownlow  1900Gunnedah, NSW I37100
20 Cameron, Henry Dalley  1897Gunnedah, NSW I37224
21 Cameron, Ida Jessie  1884Gunnedah, NSW I92134
22 Cameron, Isabella  1884Gunnedah, NSW I4280
23 Cameron, Janet J.  1893Gunnedah, NSW I37093
24 Cameron, John McBeth  1889Gunnedah, NSW I78569
25 Cameron, Kenneth Nevell  4 Oct 1896Gunnedah, NSW I4286
26 Cameron, Mary MacIntyre  1899Gunnedah, NSW I78574
27 Cameron, Moira Jean  9 Sep 1931Gunnedah, NSW I96562
28 Cameron, Myra Christina  1887Gunnedah, NSW I78573
29 Cameron, Olive Mary  1888Gunnedah, NSW I37104
30 Cameron, Peter Norman  1891Gunnedah, NSW I37091
31 Cameron, Ronald Colin  24 Jul 1901Gunnedah, NSW I78576
32 Cameron, Thomas Norman  28 Jan 1887Gunnedah, NSW I37232
33 Cameron, Vera Cruickshank  17 Aug 1894Gunnedah, NSW I37095
34 Cameron, Wallace Goran  23 Jun 1886Gunnedah, NSW I37103
35 Cameron, William George  1896Gunnedah, NSW I37097
36 Chandler, Cecil Roy  3 Aug 1923Gunnedah, NSW I2936
37 Duckworth, John P.  1911Gunnedah, NSW I122035
38 Dutton, Emma Joan de Courcy  2 Oct 1987Gunnedah, NSW I87077
39 Gore, Catherine Alice  3 Jan 1887Gunnedah, NSW I37206
40 Gore, Ewen William  5 Oct 1891Gunnedah, NSW I37211
41 Gore, Florence Maud  21 Feb 1885Gunnedah, NSW I37197
42 Gore, Meletia Janet  14 Jun 1898Gunnedah, NSW I37218
43 Gore, Thomas George  4 Feb 1890Gunnedah, NSW I37210
44 Jarmain, Eileen Trixie  1889Gunnedah, NSW I100013
45 Jarmaine, Ida Lena  ca 1894Gunnedah, NSW I117495
46 McDonald, Alexander G.  1887Gunnedah, NSW I37229
47 McIlveen, Sue Moira  2 Jan 1958Gunnedah, NSW I99916
48 Towells, Victor  1905Gunnedah, NSW I96245


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Linda Grace  25 Aug 1983Gunnedah, NSW I118232
2 Ayling, Sara Stella  6 Dec 1930Gunnedah, NSW I37084
3 Benson, Mary Alice  20 Mar 1948Gunnedah, NSW I100063
4 Cameron, Archibald Athol  29 Jan 1954Gunnedah, NSW I37087
5 Cameron, Catherine  1882Gunnedah, NSW I71276
6 Cameron, Christina  1957Gunnedah, NSW I30103
7 Cameron, Doris W.  1900Gunnedah, NSW I59445
8 Cameron, Edward L.  1877Gunnedah, NSW I81818
9 Cameron, Mary A.  1894Gunnedah, NSW I37242
10 Cameron, William Alexander  14 Aug 1900Gunnedah, NSW I100430
11 Cumming, Ross Cameron  Jul 2003Gunnedah, NSW I3987
12 Lobb, Mona Clare  26 May 1975Gunnedah, NSW I42424
13 Mumford, Francis  1961Gunnedah, NSW I2452
14 Taffe, Gertrude Agnes  9 May 1988Gunnedah, NSW I2743
15 Waugh, Isabel Agnes  31 Jan 1984Gunnedah, NSW I72019


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Archibald Duncan  Gunnedah, NSW I37111
2 Cameron, Duncan  Gunnedah, NSW I37101
3 Cameron, Janet  Gunnedah, NSW I37143
4 Campbell, Mary  Gunnedah, NSW I37190
5 Eipper, Leila Marion  Gunnedah, NSW I96463
6 McRae, Donald Andrew  Gunnedah, NSW I46942


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ayling / Cameron  1910Gunnedah, NSW F28217
2 Cameron / Jarmain  1912Gunnedah, NSW F30768
3 Field / McPherson  1899Gunnedah, NSW F29500
4 Jones / Cameron  1954Gunnedah, NSW F2871

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