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Macarthur, Vic



Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Alexander  16 Dec 1873Macarthur, Vic I45091
2 Cameron, Amelia Gertrude  1893Macarthur, Vic I85207
3 Cameron, Charles Donald  1891Macarthur, Vic I51860
4 Cameron, Clarence Avondale  1892Macarthur, Vic I109887
5 Cameron, Clarissa Phyllis  1908Macarthur, Vic I116212
6 Cameron, Dugal  1885Macarthur, Vic I81327
7 Cameron, Elizabeth Margaret Kate  1900Macarthur, Vic I85210
8 Cameron, John Leslie  1888Macarthur, Vic I81328
9 Cameron, Lilian Clementine May  1891Macarthur, Vic I81329
10 Cameron, Margaret Winifred  1881Macarthur, Vic I45185
11 Cameron, Ronald  23 Jul 1876Macarthur, Vic I59641
12 Cameron, Rupert Halliday  1901Macarthur, Vic I85211
13 Cameron, Sarah  1867Macarthur, Vic I51879
14 Cameron, Thomas Amram  1897Macarthur, Vic I85209
15 Cameron, Winslow  1895Macarthur, Vic I85208
16 Fox, Catherine Mary Josephine  1907Macarthur, Vic I98905
17 Fox, Daphne Veronica  2 Nov 1909Macarthur, Vic I98906
18 Fox, Ellen Margaret McVeigh  21 Jun 1913Macarthur, Vic I98907
19 Fox, James Edward  16 Jan 1913Macarthur, Vic I98909
20 Fox, Leslie James  21 Jan 1892Macarthur, Vic I98899
21 Fox, Lorna Mansfield  21 Jul 1914Macarthur, Vic I98910
22 Fox, Noel Terence Hillary  30 Jan 1903Macarthur, Vic I98903
23 Fox, Reginald Percival  24 Dec 1899Macarthur, Vic I98902
24 Fox, Tresslylde Ashton McVeigh  8 May 1895Macarthur, Vic I98900
25 Fox, Victor Hawthorne  1897Macarthur, Vic I98901
26 Martin, Robert Arthur Irwin  23 Apr 1912Macarthur, Vic I99028
27 Murphy, Melinda Sarah Josephine  28 May 1891Macarthur, Vic I99019
28 Pitman, Honora Heydon  1862Macarthur, Vic I65249
29 Poole, Ann  21 Aug 1872Macarthur, Vic I59666
30 Poole, Catherine M. Cameron  21 Dec 1870Macarthur, Vic I59665
31 Poole, Florence Mabel  1903Macarthur, Vic I99023
32 Poole, Florence Victoria  13 Oct 1874Macarthur, Vic I59667
33 Poole, John  19 Mar 1881Macarthur, Vic I59670
34 Poole, Joseph William  3 Nov 1878Macarthur, Vic I59669
35 Poole, Mary Frances  24 Dec 1876Macarthur, Vic I59668
36 Poole, Sarah Josephine  20 Sep 1883Macarthur, Vic I59671
37 Savin, Sylvia Edna  1911Macarthur, Vic I99021


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Catherine  29 May 1908Macarthur, Vic I59688
2 Cameron, Charles Donald  1975Macarthur, Vic I51860
3 Cameron, Dugal  29 Nov 1891Macarthur, Vic I51857
4 Cameron, Margaret Winifred  20 Nov 1882Macarthur, Vic I45185
5 Cameron, Sarah  28 Sep 1929Macarthur, Vic I59663
6 Laurie, George Adam  1944Macarthur, Vic I85405
7 Poole, Ann  4 Dec 1891Macarthur, Vic I59666
8 Poole, Joseph  22 Apr 1883Macarthur, Vic I59664
9 Poole, Sarah Josephine  1887Macarthur, Vic I59671


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cameron  Macarthur, Vic I101496
2 Cameron, Ann  Macarthur, Vic I45011
3 Cameron, John  Macarthur, Vic I51852
4 MacIntyre, Catherine  Macarthur, Vic I51853


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Murphy / Poole  1890Macarthur, Vic F30420
2 Poole / Gibson  1901Macarthur, Vic F30423
3 Savin / Murphy  1910Macarthur, Vic F30464
4 Tilley / Poole  1893Macarthur, Vic F30421

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