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Mudgee, NSW



Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 New, Lily May  1879Mudgee, NSW I108132
2 Miller, Sophia Mary  18 Jul 1861Mudgee, NSW I40104
3 McGowan, Alice Stella  26 Dec 1907Mudgee, NSW I10385
4 Hansell, William Robert  1874Mudgee, NSW I112183
5 Hansell, Emily G.  1884Mudgee, NSW I112186
6 Hansell, Edith M.  1887Mudgee, NSW I112187
7 Hansell, Arthur Ernest  1879Mudgee, NSW I112185
8 Hansell, Amy L.  1876Mudgee, NSW I112184
9 Gore, Beatrice M.  1913Mudgee, NSW I99892
10 Endacott, Robert Allen  1906Mudgee, NSW I1420
11 Endacott, Norman  1907Mudgee, NSW I107462
12 Endacott, James Daniel  1904Mudgee, NSW I1417
13 Endacott, Dulcie Margaret  1900Mudgee, NSW I1412
14 Endacott, Alice Jane  1902Mudgee, NSW I1414
15 Edwards, Joan Emma  1906Mudgee, NSW I21086
16 Connor, Walter Carson  1903Mudgee, NSW I20985
17 Carter, Daisy Edith  1896Mudgee, NSW I31213
18 Cameron, Ronald Gregory  1912Mudgee, NSW I10422
19 Cameron, Rodney Lionel  6 Jul 1928Mudgee, NSW I10386
20 Cameron, Robert Roy  19 Sep 1904Mudgee, NSW I10384
21 Cameron, Raymond Leslie  1917Mudgee, NSW I89078
22 Cameron, Norman Aubrey  26 Jul 1910Mudgee, NSW I10421
23 Cameron, Mary  1887Mudgee, NSW I77095
24 Cameron, James  1871Mudgee, NSW I77082
25 Cameron, Ivy Iris  28 Dec 1910Mudgee, NSW I902
26 Cameron, Hugh  18 Jan 1888Mudgee, NSW I119748
27 Cameron, George  1873Mudgee, NSW I77083
28 Cameron, Edna Myrtle  1906Mudgee, NSW I10417
29 Cameron, Dulcie Margaret  18 Oct 1930Mudgee, NSW I10408
30 Cameron, Alexander  1884Mudgee, NSW I77087


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Clarence Alexander Campbell  10 Jan 1909Mudgee, NSW I20768


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Stacey, Joyce G.  1921Mudgee, NSW I99891
2 Smith, Alice Matilda Catherine  12 Jun 1991Mudgee, NSW I10380
3 Nichols, William  23 Apr 1934Mudgee, NSW I8916
4 Nichols, John  29 Aug 1868Mudgee, NSW I8915
5 McGrath, Stanley Allan  24 Apr 1984Mudgee, NSW I5049
6 Learmont, Florence  12 Dec 1973Mudgee, NSW I77088
7 Hume, Agnes M. W.  1935Mudgee, NSW I86500
8 Horne, Raymond Victor  9 Jul 1988Mudgee, NSW I5084
9 Guihot, Clarice Lorraine  17 Mar 2006Mudgee, NSW I53049
10 Gosper, Violet Olive  27 Aug 1995Mudgee, NSW I1418
11 Finney, Kathleen  25 Jul 1961Mudgee, NSW I64547
12 Endacott, James Daniel  1968Mudgee, NSW I1417
13 Endacott, Dulcie Margaret  Oct 1986Mudgee, NSW I1412
14 Colless, Ida R.  1919Mudgee, NSW I105948
15 Cameron, William  13 Dec 1939Mudgee, NSW I77081
16 Cameron, Thomas  18 Sep 1954Mudgee, NSW I77084
17 Cameron, Roger Alexander  21 Sep 1993Mudgee, NSW I21711
18 Cameron, Raymond Leslie  18 Nov 1918Mudgee, NSW I89078
19 Cameron, Peter Graham  5 Dec 1930Mudgee, NSW I64550
20 Cameron, John  5 Jun 1874Mudgee, NSW I46102
21 Cameron, James  12 Oct 1953Mudgee, NSW I77082
22 Cameron, Hugh  1950Mudgee, NSW I119748
23 Cameron, Florence May  6 Jul 1948Mudgee, NSW I81817
24 Cameron, Clifford Earl  8 Mar 1970Mudgee, NSW I77091
25 Cameron, Charles Albert Campbell  1970Mudgee, NSW I10533
26 Cameron, Charles  22 Mar 1970Mudgee, NSW I100501
27 Cameron, Bonnie Jean  8 Oct 2000Mudgee, NSW I78708
28 Cameron, Alexander Maxwell  18 Apr 1980Mudgee, NSW I53048
29 Cameron, Albert Ernest Allan  21 Apr 1959Mudgee, NSW I10371
30 Cameron, Albert Ernest Alexander  3 Dec 1984Mudgee, NSW I10379
31 Black, Elizabeth Margaret  24 Oct 1915Mudgee, NSW I10372


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 McGowan, Alice Stella  Mudgee, NSW I10385
2 Cameron, Dr William Wallace  Mudgee, NSW I64546
3 Cameron, Dr Wallace Graham  Mudgee, NSW I64548
4 Cameron, Raymond Leslie  Mudgee, NSW I89078
5 Cameron, James  Mudgee, NSW I77082
6 Cameron, Daisy  Mudgee, NSW I100503
7 Cameron, Charles  Mudgee, NSW I100501
8 Cameron, Benjamin Alexander John  Mudgee, NSW I78512
9 Cameron, Albert Ernest Allan  Mudgee, NSW I10371
10 Cameron  Mudgee, NSW I89071
11 Briggs, Ethel Pearl  Mudgee, NSW I77092


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Stacey / Joyce  1927Mudgee, NSW F11549
2 Harvey / Cameron  1919Mudgee, NSW F3230
3 Fittler / Endacott  1921Mudgee, NSW F446
4 Cameron / Pithouse  1861Mudgee, NSW F25037
5 Cameron / Lodge  18 Apr 1877Mudgee, NSW F5722
6 Cameron / Green  1868Mudgee, NSW F23676
7 Buckman / MacDonald  1924Mudgee, NSW F26701
8 Brunker / Cameron  27 May 1916Mudgee, NSW F6340

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