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Penrith, NSW



Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brownlow, Jane  1853Penrith, NSW I52659
2 Cameron, Elaine Lillian  22 Nov 1915Penrith, NSW I113453
3 Cameron, Gary John  31 Aug 1962Penrith, NSW I90359
4 Cameron, Henry A.  1891Penrith, NSW I117354
5 Evans, Harry John Harris  4 Oct 1874Penrith, NSW I122023
6 Field, Leslie M.  1895Penrith, NSW I40110
7 Freeman, Neta Letitia  ca 1911Penrith, NSW I88186
8 Hansell, Charles Albert  1872Penrith, NSW I112182
9 Hansell, George E.  1870Penrith, NSW I112181
10 Hansell, Mary  1843Penrith, NSW I112166
11 Lovat, John Joseph  1906Penrith, NSW I104072
12 Mills, Ada  1870Penrith, NSW I112173
13 Mills, Amelia  1878Penrith, NSW I112176
14 Mills, Amy Jane  1875Penrith, NSW I112175
15 Mills, Emily  1873Penrith, NSW I112174
16 Mills, Eva  1883Penrith, NSW I112178
17 Mills, James Alexander  1863Penrith, NSW I112170
18 Mills, Mary  1868Penrith, NSW I112172
19 Mills, Robert  1889Penrith, NSW I112179
20 Mills, Sarah J.  1866Penrith, NSW I112171
21 Mills, Sarah May  1880Penrith, NSW I112177
22 Mills, William  1861Penrith, NSW I112169
23 Price, Halie Robertson  9 Feb 1911Penrith, NSW I94522
24 Ross, Lily  1875Penrith, NSW I81098
25 Simpson, John  1906Penrith, NSW I15299
26 Simpson, Thelma B.  1912Penrith, NSW I15362


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Agland, Amy Delilah  11 Jun 1997Penrith, NSW I88175
2 Black, John Frederick  22 Jul 2004Penrith, NSW I77555
3 Blair, Margaret Beveridge  24 Aug 1983Penrith, NSW I118501
4 Cahill, Richard Patrick  25 Mar 1972Penrith, NSW I78345
5 Cameron, Alexander  13 Aug 1951Penrith, NSW I94017
6 Cameron, Alexander  23 Oct 1985Penrith, NSW I94022
7 Cameron, Alexander Arthur  25 Oct 1934Penrith, NSW I52662
8 Cameron, Allen Godfrey  7 Apr 1983Penrith, NSW I94023
9 Cameron, Cecil Gordon Clyde  1973Penrith, NSW I78586
10 Cameron, Christina  4 Jan 1952Penrith, NSW I64597
11 Cameron, Donald Davis  13 Nov 1965Penrith, NSW I94020
12 Cameron, Donald Wilson  15 Sep 1927Penrith, NSW I27598
13 Cameron, Edward Paul  27 Dec 1998Penrith, NSW I46768
14 Cameron, Florence Maud  1970Penrith, NSW I30720
15 Cameron, Gary John  14 Jan 1963Penrith, NSW I90359
16 Cameron, Gordon Albert  24 Jul 1956Penrith, NSW I88172
17 Cameron, Heather Jean  1964Penrith, NSW I88180
18 Cameron, Hector Henry  24 Feb 1990Penrith, NSW I88173
19 Cameron, Isabella  1966Penrith, NSW I101050
20 Cameron, Norman Aubrey  4 Nov 1985Penrith, NSW I10421
21 Cameron, Stewart John  13 Sep 1976Penrith, NSW I88171
22 Cameron, Violet Ethel  1968Penrith, NSW I77209
23 Carey, Reginald Leonard  1948Penrith, NSW I100442
24 Davis, Florence Harriet  9 Aug 1948Penrith, NSW I94018
25 Flood, Neil Alexander  1947Penrith, NSW I96257
26 Flood, Norman Alfred  1967Penrith, NSW I96256
27 Fooks, William John  1973Penrith, NSW I21208
28 Long, Sylvia Yvette  12 Jun 1995Penrith, NSW I94510
29 McDiarmid, Ian Cameron  5 Aug 1945Penrith, NSW I108539
30 Mills, James Alexander  6 Jun 1917Penrith, NSW I112158
31 Mills, James Alexander  1938Penrith, NSW I112170
32 Mills, Sarah J.  1869Penrith, NSW I112171
33 Mitchell, Constance May  1967Penrith, NSW I111437
34 More, Robert  1958Penrith, NSW I103133
35 Morrison, Gordon Colin  1966Penrith, NSW I5162
36 Mortimer, Rita Mabel  14 May 2007Penrith, NSW I117726
37 Price, Halie Robertson  28 Apr 1977Penrith, NSW I94522
38 Stewart, Gordon Angus C.  1959Penrith, NSW I107923


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Brownlow, Jane  13 Dec 1925Penrith, NSW I52659
2 Cameron, Stewart John  Penrith, NSW I88171


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cameron / Brown  1961Penrith, NSW F34138
2 Cameron / Cook  1932Penrith, NSW F28960
3 Cameron / Curry  26 Jun 1902Penrith, NSW F38421
4 Cameron / Freeman  29 Jun 1935Penrith, NSW F26967
5 Cameron / Price  19 Dec 1931Penrith, NSW F28965
6 Dengate / Cameron  1919Penrith, NSW F36340
7 Frazer / Cameron  1937Penrith, NSW F38742
8 Greaves / Cameron  1925Penrith, NSW F36341
9 Mills / Laws  31 Mar 1859Penrith, NSW F34629

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