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Williamstown, Vic



Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Dorcas Maude  1888Williamstown, Vic I65180
2 Cameron, Alexander  1897Williamstown, Vic I12674
3 Cameron, Alfred Robert Williams  1902Williamstown, Vic I115963
4 Cameron, Allan John  1905Williamstown, Vic I116805
5 Cameron, Amelia Alice  1899Williamstown, Vic I12675
6 Cameron, Annie Margaret  1869Williamstown, Vic I116230
7 Cameron, Archibald William  1864Williamstown, Vic I12667
8 Cameron, Archibald William  1885Williamstown, Vic I12617
9 Cameron, Catherine Veronica  1892Williamstown, Vic I12672
10 Cameron, Charles Michael  1869Williamstown, Vic I12669
11 Cameron, Clarence Leslie Alfred  1896Williamstown, Vic I109913
12 Cameron, Daniel  1863Williamstown, Vic I116227
13 Cameron, Daniel  1897Williamstown, Vic I116237
14 Cameron, Ellen Mary  1895Williamstown, Vic I12673
15 Cameron, Elsie May  1901Williamstown, Vic I12676
16 Cameron, Ethel Constance Louisa  1884Williamstown, Vic I115957
17 Cameron, Evelyn Elizabeth  1888Williamstown, Vic I115960
18 Cameron, Henry Francis  1871Williamstown, Vic I116231
19 Cameron, Hugh  1867Williamstown, Vic I116229
20 Cameron, Hugh  1893Williamstown, Vic I87569
21 Cameron, James  1865Williamstown, Vic I116228
22 Cameron, James  1872Williamstown, Vic I12670
23 Cameron, Janet Ada Lilley  1891Williamstown, Vic I115961
24 Cameron, John  1860Williamstown, Vic I12615
25 Cameron, John  1861Williamstown, Vic I116226
26 Cameron, John Laurence  1893Williamstown, Vic I116238
27 Cameron, Mary Catherine  1873Williamstown, Vic I116232
28 Cameron, Mary Jessie  1877Williamstown, Vic I12677
29 Cameron, May Beatrice Lucy  1886Williamstown, Vic I115959
30 Cameron, Peter  1865Williamstown, Vic I12668
31 Cameron, Thelma Audrey A.  1899Williamstown, Vic I115962
32 Fowler, Dorothy Grace  5 Jan 1908Williamstown, Vic I12680
33 Hutchinson, Jessie Elizabeth  1859Williamstown, Vic I12616
34 Kopke, Daisy May  1890Williamstown, Vic I65207
35 McColl, Donald  ca 1865Williamstown, Vic I70290
36 McLeod, Kenneth B.  1900Williamstown, Vic I116235
37 Thake, Cyril Amour Redvers  1900Williamstown, Vic I90171
38 Williams, Wollowra Lewis  1896Williamstown, Vic I92185


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Boundy, Elizabeth Mary  13 Feb 1913Williamstown, Vic I79006
2 Bunting, Christiana  3 Mar 1932Williamstown, Vic I12671
3 Cameron, Alexander White  11 Aug 1939Williamstown, Vic I116103
4 Cameron, Archibald William  5 Aug 1888Williamstown, Vic I12667
5 Cameron, Catherine  17 Oct 1918Williamstown, Vic I116102
6 Cameron, Catherine  1966Williamstown, Vic I116191
7 Cameron, Catherine Veronica  1893Williamstown, Vic I12672
8 Cameron, Daniel  3 Jun 1931Williamstown, Vic I116227
9 Cameron, Daniel  3 Jun 1956Williamstown, Vic I116237
10 Cameron, Hugh  4 Oct 1946Williamstown, Vic I116229
11 Cameron, Hugh  1966Williamstown, Vic I87569
12 Cameron, James  26 Sep 1907Williamstown, Vic I116228
13 Cameron, Janet Ada Lilley  1891Williamstown, Vic I115961
14 Cameron, John  14 Oct 1926Williamstown, Vic I12615
15 Cameron, John Edward McLean  1979Williamstown, Vic I29771
16 Cameron, John Mackay  1963Williamstown, Vic I110754
17 Cameron, Mary Catherine  8 Nov 1946Williamstown, Vic I116232
18 Cameron, Mary Jessie  4 Jan 1944Williamstown, Vic I12677
19 Cameron, Peter  13 Apr 1890Williamstown, Vic I12668
20 Cameron, Samuel  8 Feb 1950Williamstown, Vic I110756
21 Collins, Jessie Helena  1934Williamstown, Vic I28222
22 Dorman, Barbara Matilda  26 Aug 1920Williamstown, Vic I36852
23 Dunoon, Harriet  20 May 1926Williamstown, Vic I122302
24 Fowler, John  14 Jul 1943Williamstown, Vic I12678
25 Gooley, Bridget Mary  7 Mar 1920Williamstown, Vic I17286
26 King, Eva Gertrude  1971Williamstown, Vic I114900
27 Macdougall, Duncan Alexander John  5 Nov 1881Williamstown, Vic I109075
28 Mackay, Jessie  6 Apr 1932Williamstown, Vic I110757
29 Maloney, Catherine  6 Nov 1913Williamstown, Vic I116225
30 Martin, Alice Maude  21 Mar 1944Williamstown, Vic I116214
31 McColl, Dugald  28 Nov 1869Williamstown, Vic I8861
32 O'Dea, Bridget  12 Jun 1906Williamstown, Vic I12614
33 Paul, Andrew Lullum  12 Jan 1904Williamstown, Vic I81058
34 Reidy, Anastasia Mary  17 Aug 1947Williamstown, Vic I116236


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Alexander White  Williamstown, Vic I116103
2 Cameron, Ann  Williamstown, Vic I8860
3 Cameron, Archibald  Williamstown, Vic I12613
4 Cameron, Catherine  Williamstown, Vic I116102
5 Cameron, Charles Michael  Williamstown, Vic I12669
6 Cameron, Duncan Charles  Williamstown, Vic I116815
7 Cameron, Mary Jessie  Williamstown, Vic I12677
8 Farmer, Elizabeth Margaret  Williamstown, Vic I70714
9 Fowler, John  Williamstown, Vic I12678
10 Hanniver, Raymond Allen  26 Jan 1979Williamstown, Vic I91806
11 King, Eva Gertrude  24 Jul 1971Williamstown, Vic I114900
12 O'Dea, Bridget  Williamstown, Vic I12614


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cameron / Cameron  30 Apr 1890Williamstown, Vic F35929
2 Cameron / Hutchinson  5 Nov 1884Williamstown, Vic F3907
3 Cameron / McInerney  8 Mar 1941Williamstown, Vic F27331
4 Cameron / Sleeman  10 Sep 1938Williamstown, Vic F26256
5 Cameron / Williams  8 Jun 1883Williamstown, Vic F35885
6 Cleaver / Cameron  6 Sep 1911Williamstown, Vic F35886
7 Gibson / Cameron  10 May 1871Williamstown, Vic F14117
8 Halliday / Paul  3 Nov 1902Williamstown, Vic F27610
9 Marshall / Turnbull  6 Dec 1872Williamstown, Vic F30389
10 Stone / Cameron  3 Jun 1922Williamstown, Vic F35940

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