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Clan Cameron

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Clan Cameron worldwide
Clan Cameron Reference Guide

Clan Cameron UK Branch
The Clan Cameron UK Branch

Clan Cameron New Zealand
The Clan Cameron Association of New Zealand.

Clan Cameron Northern America
The Clan Cameron, Northern America


Maps of Scotland
Comprehensive range of downloadable maps of Scotland and towns and villages in Scotland dating from 1500s held at the National Library of Scotland and available for purchase.

A History of Clan Cameron
A summary of a definitive work on the history of the Clan Cameron.


FamilyTreeDNA uses DNA testing to establish relationships between individuals and determine ancestry.  The Cameron YDNA Project run by volunteer administrators seeks to use YDNA data to trace the ancestral origins of the Clan through the analysis of participant’s YDNA results. The one off cost together with the Cameron YDNA Project makes this a key site for the Clan worldwide.

Clan Cameron Scottish Genealogy
Clan Cameron Scottish Genealogy

Genealogical Numbering Systems
A detailed description of the different numbering systems used throughout the world.

The Society of Australian Genealogists
The SAG provides a wide range of useful information for family history researchers.

Irish Roots
The Irish History Foundation

A very useful website for building your family tree using information sourced from the written record (births/deaths/marriages) which is readily accessible through the website, together with that found and confirmed by other users. Useful for determining maternal ancestry. Users need to be sure to verify any and all matches provided by others. Limited use for DNA analysis as it only uses autosomal DNA data, which can be uploaded from MyFamilyTreeDNA in any event. An annual fee is charged.
An enormous collection of worldwide genealogical resources, together with a large collection of submitted family trees.

Cyndi’s List of Genealogical Web sites
A massive collection of genealogical web sites. An invaluable resource.

National Archives OfficeAustralia
The National Archives of Australia site offers a wide range of resources for those interested in history, and genealogical research.

World wide genealogy
Genealogical related web sites from countries around the world. trees
Ancestry family tree creator, which is free to use

An excellent collection of world wide genealogical resources, including newspaper extracts

Other links of interest

This link provides further information about families or septs associated with Clan Cameron.

Families connected to Cameron
This link provides further information about families or septs associated with Clan Cameron

The Scottish Banner
An international monthly publication for ex-pat Scots or those with an interest in Scottish culture and tradition.

Scottish Australian Heritage Council

Clan Cameron Museum, Achnacarry, Scotland
A comprehensive introduction to the museum and gift shop.

Holiday Accommodation at Achnacarry
Four modern units are available for holiday letting in the old Steading building at Achnacarry

Achnacarry Sporting & Country Pursuits
Alec Macdonald’s wildlife tours, fishing tours, and sporting ventures around the Lochiel Estate.

Gazetteer for Scotland Glossary