Historic Highland Footwear

CUARAN, BROUGE, PUMP, PAMPOOTIE, BOG SHOE all are used to describe this common Highland Footwear.

Modern day Highland Dance Shoes and Ghillie Brogues originate from this humble shoe.

Martin Martin, a visitor to the Highlands, wrote in 1703 ~ “The shoes anciently wore, were a piece of the hide of a deer, cow or horse, with the hair on, being tied behind and before with a point of leather.”

Edmund Burt, a Englishman visiting the Highlands in the 1730’s wrote ~ “They are often barefoot, but some I have seen shod with a kind of pumps made out of a raw cow hide with the hair turned outward. They are not only offensive to the sight, but intolerable to the smell of those who are near them. By the way, they cut holes in their brogues though new made, to let out the water when they have far to go, and rivers to pass; this they do to prevent their feet from galling.”

This is a pair was reproduced using tanned hide.





















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