The Earl of Huntly and the Gordon Clan

Few figures loom as large as the Earl of Huntly. His influence and power in the North of Scotland were such that he was often referred to as “the goodman of the North,” a title that underscored his near-sovereign authority in the region. The Earl of Huntly’s story is one of political cunning, territorial dominion, and a masterful balancing act in the shifting sands of Scottish feudal politics.

The influence of the Gordon’s on Clan Cameron is well documented, with many records relating to the Camerons of Lochaber held in the private records  of the Lordship of Lochaber in the Gordon papers in the National Records of Scotland, Edinburgh.

Lochiel was forced to acknowledge Lord Gordon’s rights of superiority of Cameron lands with the shifting allegiances of the times and the continued feud with the MacIntoshes.

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The Earl of Huntly and the Gordon Clan

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