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Ryde, NSW



Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Erwin, Edna M.  1905Ryde, NSW I107737
2 Erwin, George Richard  1904Ryde, NSW I107736
3 Erwin, Una J.  1907Ryde, NSW I107738


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Armstrong, Mary  2 Oct 1914Ryde, NSW I42404
2 Bertram, Dr Thomas Dun  1933Ryde, NSW I23765
3 Borthwick, William Murray  1963Ryde, NSW I96143
4 Cameron, Charles George  31 Jul 1903Ryde, NSW I36448
5 Cameron, Dulcie E. M.  15 May 1928Ryde, NSW I8375
6 Cameron, George  30 Jul 1968Ryde, NSW I22011
7 Cameron, Janet  20 Dec 1939Ryde, NSW I22212
8 Cameron, Jessie Alice  3 Aug 1944Ryde, NSW I108975
9 Cameron, Jessie Bella  21 May 1919Ryde, NSW I87828
10 Cameron, John Richard  21 Aug 1997Ryde, NSW I88196
11 Cameron, Leslie  6 Jun 1967Ryde, NSW I88216
12 Cameron, Otho Orde  19 Jul 1955Ryde, NSW I118296
13 Cameron, Robert Robertson  1956Ryde, NSW I79014
14 Cameron, Sylvia Elma Phyllis  11 May 1953Ryde, NSW I42451
15 Cameron, Thomas Douglas  12 Oct 1925Ryde, NSW I61484
16 Cameron, Capt. William John  1969Ryde, NSW I29324
17 Davidson, William Thomas  1960Ryde, NSW I105795
18 Fleming, Ella Mary  2 May 1965Ryde, NSW I23842
19 Fowler, Emanuel  1949Ryde, NSW I24996
20 Gall, Lydia R.  1934Ryde, NSW I21196
21 Gordon, Selwyn James  18 Aug 1968Ryde, NSW I101364
22 Greenaway, Guy Thompson  1961Ryde, NSW I16234
23 Gutterson, Louisa Catherine  1966Ryde, NSW I32829
24 Hancock, Muriel Irene  1952Ryde, NSW I103138
25 Hives, Victor Clement  1967Ryde, NSW I106343
26 Kelly, Hugh Ernest  1962Ryde, NSW I32828
27 Kempson, Frederick Richmond  1972Ryde, NSW I99075
28 Lynch, John E.  1929Ryde, NSW I25112
29 Mailer, Eleanor Jean  1936Ryde, NSW I23770
30 McCredie, Alick  1962Ryde, NSW I96116
31 McDonald, Stella May  1897Ryde, NSW I102060
32 McIntyre, John Robert  1921Ryde, NSW I32995
33 Mumford, Eliza  1956Ryde, NSW I2424
34 O'Grady, James Clyde  1973Ryde, NSW I109481
35 Sandeman, Martha Elliott  1948Ryde, NSW I21199
36 Smith, Allan  1951Ryde, NSW I95822
37 Snodgrass, Leo Macleay  1950Ryde, NSW I110994
38 Stewart, Montague Travers  1971Ryde, NSW I107936
39 Thomas, William Henry  1926Ryde, NSW I64288
40 Towell, Richard Samuel J. B.  1948Ryde, NSW I2425
41 Woodlands, Jean  15 Jun 1968Ryde, NSW I2103


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Brewington, Emily Amelia  5 Jul 1965Ryde, NSW I109822
2 Cairney, Janet  17 Oct 1972Ryde, NSW I78958
3 Cameron, John Herdman  5 Nov 1971Ryde, NSW I108694
4 Cameron, John Lex  10 Apr 1922Ryde, NSW I109823
5 Cameron, Lachlan James  16 Nov 1942Ryde, NSW I109827
6 Howe, Stella  2 Aug 1978Ryde, NSW I93650
7 Long, Catherine  5 Apr 1945Ryde, NSW I109830


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bathgate / Jones  1940Ryde, NSW F8661
2 Cameron / Blake-Taylor  8 Aug 1897Ryde, NSW F9222
3 Cameron / Ellis  1941Ryde, NSW F26974
4 Cameron / Flack  1945Ryde, NSW F10081
5 Cameron / Goodwin  1956Ryde, NSW F39058
6 Cameron / Maridas  1923Ryde, NSW F36460
7 Cameron / Matheson  1932Ryde, NSW F13004
8 Cameron / Parkins  1930Ryde, NSW F36408
9 Cameron / Ranson  1946Ryde, NSW F24958
10 Fleming / Ditzell  30 Nov 1936Ryde, NSW F7254
11 Fooks / Sandeman  1924Ryde, NSW F6505
12 Hunter / Bathgate  1935Ryde, NSW F8660
13 Matthews / Fowler  1920Ryde, NSW F34235
14 Sandeman / Graham  1946Ryde, NSW F29470
15 Stichnoth / McKenzie  1918Ryde, NSW F16513
16 Woodcock / Cameron  1935Ryde, NSW F30365

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