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Bathurst, NSW



Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bower, Doris Irene  1922Bathurst, NSW I90322
2 Bower, Mabel Thelma  25 May 1917Bathurst, NSW I40174
3 Bower, Wilfred Alexander  19 Aug 1919Bathurst, NSW I40177
4 Cameron, Alan Lindsay  18 Jun 1921Bathurst, NSW I46814
5 Cameron, Barbara Joan  26 Dec 1927Bathurst, NSW I46815
6 Cameron, Christina  11 Sep 1841Bathurst, NSW I87379
7 Cameron, Donald Alexander  1890Bathurst, NSW I97354
8 Cameron, Esme Ellice  1914Bathurst, NSW I117157
9 Cameron, Ewen Charles  1874Bathurst, NSW I99401
10 Cameron, George Hugh Graham  1899Bathurst, NSW I114198
11 Cameron, Hugh  1895Bathurst, NSW I97356
12 Cameron, Ian Alexander  27 Mar 1948Bathurst, NSW I94302
13 Cameron, Isabella Jean  1871Bathurst, NSW I99405
14 Cameron, John  1868Bathurst, NSW I99403
15 Cameron, Katie E. F.  1900Bathurst, NSW I97358
16 Cameron, Mary Elizabeth  1863Bathurst, NSW I99402
17 Cameron, Samuel  1865Bathurst, NSW I79040
18 Cameron, Thomas Duncan  1870Bathurst, NSW I79583
19 Cameron, Thomas Eric  1893Bathurst, NSW I97355
20 Cameron, Vernon Hugh  27 Dec 1944Bathurst, NSW I40148
21 Cameron, Walter James  1873Bathurst, NSW I105621
22 Eden, Una  ca 1918Bathurst, NSW I117323
23 Johnston, Janet  7 Sep 1830Bathurst, NSW I97036
24 McIntosh, Walter Stewart  1860Bathurst, NSW I22339
25 McIntyre, Charlotte M.  1910Bathurst, NSW I32976
26 Shute, Matilda  1865Bathurst, NSW I114197
27 Smith, Reginald Robert Thomas  14 Jan 1911Bathurst, NSW I9312
28 Staines, Alexander Hamilton  6 Apr 1937Bathurst, NSW I40172
29 Staines, Hamilton Oswald  21 Mar 1908Bathurst, NSW I40170
30 Thompson, Ethel Grace  1894Bathurst, NSW I46813
31 Whiley, Ivy Ilma  1885Bathurst, NSW I53141


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Ann  15 Jun 1857Bathurst, NSW I8330


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bower, Alexander Walter  28 Sep 1963Bathurst, NSW I40167
2 Bower, Doris Irene  4 Sep 1924Bathurst, NSW I90322
3 Bower, Ellen Kathleen  17 Jan 1989Bathurst, NSW I40169
4 Bower, Ethel Lilian  3 Jan 1994Bathurst, NSW I40168
5 Bower, Wilfred Alexander  29 Dec 1987Bathurst, NSW I40177
6 Brown, Elizabeth J.  17 Jun 1965Bathurst, NSW I108146
7 Cameron, Christina Margaret  7 Feb 1971Bathurst, NSW I40166
8 Cameron, Colin  1952Bathurst, NSW I30033
9 Cameron, Gladys May  2009Bathurst, NSW I123482
10 Cameron, Katie E. F.  1900Bathurst, NSW I97358
11 Cameron, Malcolm Donald  22 Nov 1990Bathurst, NSW I9284
12 Cameron, Marilyn Jannette  19 Apr 1965Bathurst, NSW I87798
13 Cameron, Reginald Stuart John  5 Dec 2001Bathurst, NSW I8376
14 Cameron, Samuel  10 Jun 1920Bathurst, NSW I79040
15 Cameron, William Maxwell  11 Nov 2000Bathurst, NSW I102432
16 Fox, Tresslylde Ashton McVeigh  1970Bathurst, NSW I98900
17 Lowe, Mary Cameron  7 May 1929Bathurst, NSW I1357
18 Murray, Donald Angus  1971Bathurst, NSW I5896
19 Peryman, Michael Lemers  19 Feb 1960Bathurst, NSW I120543
20 Richardson, Norman Boyd  1963Bathurst, NSW I1383
21 Smith, Paul Raymond  24 Nov 2002Bathurst, NSW I92758
22 Staines, Alexander Hamilton  26 Oct 2001Bathurst, NSW I40172
23 Warren, Matilda  1925Bathurst, NSW I32947


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Ewen  Bathurst, NSW I8382
2 Cameron, Mary Elizabeth  Bathurst, NSW I99402
3 Cameron, Samuel  Bathurst, NSW I79040


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Baillie / Brewster  1937Bathurst, NSW F21984
2 Bower / Bennett  1970Bathurst, NSW F12496
3 Cameron / Atkins  1895Bathurst, NSW F24372
4 Cameron / Druitt  1911Bathurst, NSW F30792
5 Cameron / Hunt  1951Bathurst, NSW F9250
6 Cameron / McDonald  1860Bathurst, NSW F30572
7 Cameron / Todd  1930Bathurst, NSW F36466
8 Cameron / White  1904Bathurst, NSW F30573
9 Clayton / Fish  1924Bathurst, NSW F10194
10 Death / Hextell  1928Bathurst, NSW F32735
11 Hector / Haley  1935Bathurst, NSW F30998
12 MacDonald / Cameron  1895Bathurst, NSW F36336
13 Rankin / Campbell  9 Mar 1837Bathurst, NSW F34606
14 Smith / McIntyre  1880Bathurst, NSW F10187
15 Staines / Bower  1935Bathurst, NSW F12494

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