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Broken Hill, NSW



Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Charles  1903Broken Hill, NSW I28505
2 Cameron, Donald Gavin  4 Dec 1902Broken Hill, NSW I58827
3 Cameron, Donald James  4 Dec 1899Broken Hill, NSW I114374
4 Cameron, Dorothy G.  1900Broken Hill, NSW I117012
5 Cameron, Esma Gladys  1911Broken Hill, NSW I96816
6 Cameron, George  ca 1880Broken Hill, NSW I114723
7 Cameron, George Douglas  13 May 1916Broken Hill, NSW I36311
8 Cameron, Gordon William  1890Broken Hill, NSW I28471
9 Cameron, Iris  1912Broken Hill, NSW I69579
10 Cameron, James  1903Broken Hill, NSW I28504
11 Cameron, James Allan  26 Aug 1919Broken Hill, NSW I36312
12 Cameron, James Rolla  1914Broken Hill, NSW I76941
13 Cameron, Nellie May  1907Broken Hill, NSW I69577
14 Cameron, Pearl  1909Broken Hill, NSW I69578
15 Cameron, Walter Charles  1914Broken Hill, NSW I69580
16 Duffy, John McLennan  8 Oct 1919Broken Hill, NSW I22295
17 Gee, George Albert  1914Broken Hill, NSW I88370
18 Gee, John Fleming  1916Broken Hill, NSW I88372
19 Gee, Patricia F.  1916Broken Hill, NSW I88371
20 Harding, John Oswald  4 Mar 1917Broken Hill, NSW I69540
21 Hopkins, Henry McIntyre  26 Aug 1905Broken Hill, NSW I82774
22 Morrison, Florence Hephzibah  1908Broken Hill, NSW I123216
23 Morrison, Harcourt Stanley John  19 May 1909Broken Hill, NSW I123217
24 Murphy, Maureen L.  1913Broken Hill, NSW I96185
25 O'Connor, Ethel May  15 Nov 1920Broken Hill, NSW I66079
26 Pascoe, Doris Mary  1913Broken Hill, NSW I85869
27 Pitman, Victor H.  1905Broken Hill, NSW I85228
28 Roberts, Frank Horace  22 Nov 1917Broken Hill, NSW I93352
29 Smith, Marjorie Estelle  6 Apr 1908Broken Hill, NSW I28507
30 Squire, Eileen Florence  28 Mar 1887Broken Hill, NSW I76951


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Butcher, Sarah Jane  Jan 1930Broken Hill, NSW I38053
2 Cameron, Charles  1903Broken Hill, NSW I28505
3 Cameron, George Douglas  11 Jun 1960Broken Hill, NSW I36311
4 Cameron, George Gallagher  3 Mar 1931Broken Hill, NSW I36305
5 Cameron, Iris  May 1913Broken Hill, NSW I69579
6 Cameron, James  1903Broken Hill, NSW I28504
7 Cameron, James Allan  11 Feb 1944Broken Hill, NSW I115466
8 Cameron, John Fleming  1940Broken Hill, NSW I78620
9 Cameron, John Harrold  14 Oct 1906Broken Hill, NSW I58829
10 Cameron, John Lewis McLachlan  6 Aug 1924Broken Hill, NSW I28475
11 Cameron, Joyce  3 Jun 1921Broken Hill, NSW I117129
12 Cameron, Lydia  22 Mar 1928Broken Hill, NSW I115543
13 Cameron, Margaret  Apr 1924Broken Hill, NSW I81000
14 Cameron, Peter Fletcher  5 Sep 1960Broken Hill, NSW I36331
15 Hagger, Rita Jean  1971Broken Hill, NSW I117653
16 Rae, David Wallace  1894Broken Hill, NSW I86503
17 Sheehy, Sarah Winifred  9 Dec 1899Broken Hill, NSW I114373


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Angell, Grace Ellen  Broken Hill, NSW I76943
2 Cameron, Ellen  Broken Hill, NSW I36328
3 Cameron, John Fleming  21 Jan 1940Broken Hill, NSW I78620
4 Cameron, Olaf Rollo  Broken Hill, NSW I38057
5 Vigar, Sophia  Broken Hill, NSW I36306


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blight / Cameron  1935Broken Hill, NSW F29758
2 Butt / Cameron  1908Broken Hill, NSW F36361
3 Buttfield / Taylor  9 Oct 1897Broken Hill, NSW F19703
4 Cameron / Carwithen  1937Broken Hill, NSW F29756
5 Cameron / Gainer  6 Aug 1941Broken Hill, NSW F11291
6 Cameron / Grist  1898Broken Hill, NSW F36250
7 Cameron / Hagger  1919Broken Hill, NSW F36523
8 Cameron / Jenkins  Nov 1933Broken Hill, NSW F24855
9 Cameron / Lee  1907Broken Hill, NSW F21614
10 Cameron / Parfit  6 Jan 1904Broken Hill, NSW F3147
11 Cameron / Sampson  18 Apr 1907Broken Hill, NSW F33797
12 Cameron / Zocht  1898Broken Hill, NSW F23657
13 Edwards / Stacey  1947Broken Hill, NSW F34359
14 Howard / Cameron  16 Dec 1926Broken Hill, NSW F36311
15 Reece / Cameron  1930Broken Hill, NSW F29757
16 Steadman / Cameron  17 Feb 1916Broken Hill, NSW F8764
17 Teague / Cameron  6 Mar 1928Broken Hill, NSW F36313
18 Trudgian / Cameron  1937Broken Hill, NSW F8763

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