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Brunswick, Vic



Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bower, Harold Edmund  1910Brunswick, Vic I61875
2 Brens, Joyce  1918Brunswick, Vic I113529
3 Brens, Kenneth Campbell  1924Brunswick, Vic I113530
4 Cameron, Amelia Marian  1904Brunswick, Vic I115029
5 Cameron, John Alexander  1900Brunswick, Vic I32181
6 Cameron, Keith  1909Brunswick, Vic I115030
7 Cameron, Lillian Alice  14 Oct 1909Brunswick, Vic I37041
8 Cameron, Lillian May Georgina  1900Brunswick, Vic I116691
9 Cameron, Muriel May  1902Brunswick, Vic I115028
10 Cameron, Norman William  1897Brunswick, Vic I77888
11 Cameron, Sarah  1898Brunswick, Vic I37037
12 Constantine, Emma  1889Brunswick, Vic I86710
13 Gorman, Graeme Kelvin  1 Aug 1938Brunswick, Vic I86555
14 Grace, Norman Edwin  6 Jun 1925Brunswick, Vic I50123
15 Greene, Stanley  1892Brunswick, Vic I91748
16 Harris, Colin Albert  1922Brunswick, Vic I86717
17 Harris, Ellen Lilian  1914Brunswick, Vic I86714
18 Harris, Ivy May  1912Brunswick, Vic I86713
19 Harris, Norman Samuel  1919Brunswick, Vic I86716
20 Harris, Percy  5 Feb 1910Brunswick, Vic I86712
21 Harris, Ronald Arthur  17 Apr 1916Brunswick, Vic I86715
22 Jenkins, Colin Norman  18 Feb 1918Brunswick, Vic I91878
23 Jenkins, Norman Vert Kinghorn  11 Apr 1893Brunswick, Vic I91738
24 Jenkins, Ronald Edwin  27 Aug 1922Brunswick, Vic I91880
25 Kerr, Donald Cameron  1883Brunswick, Vic I119184
26 Kerr, Robert  1881Brunswick, Vic I119183
27 Manuel, William Beach  Brunswick, Vic I85423
28 McDougall, Mary Helen  23 Aug 1871Brunswick, Vic I26303
29 McVean, Alister  1860Brunswick, Vic I87984
30 McVean, Allan  15 Mar 1871Brunswick, Vic I87990
31 McVean, Helen Margaret  1855Brunswick, Vic I87981
32 McVean, Jemima Gibson  1865Brunswick, Vic I87988
33 McVean, John McPherson  4 Sep 1866Brunswick, Vic I87987
34 McVean, Margaret Hannah  1858Brunswick, Vic I87983
35 McVean, Mary  1863Brunswick, Vic I87986
36 McVean, Petrena  9 Sep 1861Brunswick, Vic I87985
37 Myers, Allan Bruce  1894Brunswick, Vic I113669
38 O'Brien, Thomas Aubrey  6 Nov 1889Brunswick, Vic I113722
39 Sidebottom, Ruth Janet  1893Brunswick, Vic I86311
40 Sinclair, Shirley Dawma  3 Mar 1922Brunswick, Vic I91881
41 Southern, Herbert Royston  1901Brunswick, Vic I105819
42 Waugh, Thomas Leslie  1890Brunswick, Vic I91780
43 Wilson, Laurence Robert  1900Brunswick, Vic I88997
44 Wragg, Edward Victor  1901Brunswick, Vic I116255


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bell, Agnes  12 Aug 1924Brunswick, Vic I32164
2 Cameron, Ann  19 May 1874Brunswick, Vic I31968
3 Cameron, Anne  1910Brunswick, Vic I108972
4 Cameron, Annie Mary McVicar  1942Brunswick, Vic I8140
5 Cameron, Catherine Somerville  13 Jul 1922Brunswick, Vic I108821
6 Cameron, Charles  1888Brunswick, Vic I115799
7 Cameron, Duncan Alexander Stuart  29 Apr 1934Brunswick, Vic I116276
8 Cameron, Elizabeth Fanny  1965Brunswick, Vic I122138
9 Cameron, Jessie May  10 Nov 1980Brunswick, Vic I29538
10 Cameron, John  6 Nov 1904Brunswick, Vic I115124
11 Cameron, John  20 Dec 1921Brunswick, Vic I116111
12 Cameron, John Alexander  1901Brunswick, Vic I32181
13 Cameron, Kenneth  16 Jan 1921Brunswick, Vic I116088
14 Cameron, Mary Ann  23 Sep 1948Brunswick, Vic I64564
15 Cameron, Paul Peter  1979Brunswick, Vic I116006
16 Cameron, Walter Charles  1982Brunswick, Vic I69580
17 Edwards, Sarah  28 Nov 1920Brunswick, Vic I116089
18 Grafton, Mary Ann  20 Apr 1901Brunswick, Vic I26298
19 Greene, Stanley  1892Brunswick, Vic I91748
20 Harris, Colin Albert  1923Brunswick, Vic I86717
21 Harris, Ivy May  1913Brunswick, Vic I86713
22 Hicks, Maria  4 Jul 1919Brunswick, Vic I122187
23 Legge, Arthur Owsley  1 Feb 1912Brunswick, Vic I26351
24 Levendis, Steve  1964Brunswick, Vic I85833
25 McInnes, Sarah Ann Cameron  1952Brunswick, Vic I32148
26 McVean, Alister  28 Jun 1895Brunswick, Vic I87984
27 McVean, Allan  17 Feb 1925Brunswick, Vic I87990
28 McVean, Mary  12 Apr 1887Brunswick, Vic I87986
29 McVean, Petrena  7 Sep 1923Brunswick, Vic I87985
30 Moodie, Mary Magdelen  25 Nov 1977Brunswick, Vic I31127
31 Munro, Evelyn Mary Kitchin  1954Brunswick, Vic I84811
32 Tibbett, Alfred  1935Brunswick, Vic I25547
33 Tibbett, John Charles Donald  1955Brunswick, Vic I25550
34 Walsh, Evelyn  1952Brunswick, Vic I86281
35 White, Agnes  6 Oct 1949Brunswick, Vic I122623


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Angwin / Cameron  19 Sep 1894Brunswick, Vic F35543
2 Cameron / Davie  25 Jul 1914Brunswick, Vic F18047
3 Cameron / Harding  16 Aug 1927Brunswick, Vic F28241
4 Cameron / Johnston  4 Oct 1905Brunswick, Vic F17992
5 Cameron / Smith  18 Mar 1916Brunswick, Vic F31824
6 Cameron / Stranger  26 Jul 1890Brunswick, Vic F36853
7 Clarke / Cameron  1 Aug 1877Brunswick, Vic F18631
8 Forster / McDougall  22 Aug 1895Brunswick, Vic F8102
9 Osbourne / Cameron  23 Aug 1930Brunswick, Vic F35498
10 Roberts / Cameron  1935Brunswick, Vic F35996
11 Scouller / Cameron  1943Brunswick, Vic F35994
12 Taylor / Cameron  8 Mar 1892Brunswick, Vic F33666

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