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Footscray, Vic



Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bell, Mary Ellen  1877Footscray, Vic I61934
2 Bolton, Catherine  1876Footscray, Vic I95923
3 Bolton, Charles Luke  1886Footscray, Vic I95927
4 Bolton, Donald John Campbell  1888Footscray, Vic I95928
5 Bolton, Ewen Cameron  1881Footscray, Vic I95925
6 Bolton, James Samuel  1879Footscray, Vic I95924
7 Bolton, Joseph Mark  1884Footscray, Vic I95926
8 Bolton, Mary Christina Augusta  1892Footscray, Vic I95929
9 Cameron, Amy Constance  1908Footscray, Vic I103170
10 Cameron, Donald Alexander  1912Footscray, Vic I105099
11 Cameron, Eileen Doris  1906Footscray, Vic I103169
12 Cameron, Florence Mary  1907Footscray, Vic I105098
13 Cameron, Frederick George  1910Footscray, Vic I121470
14 Cameron, Gerald Gordon  1904Footscray, Vic I103168
15 Cameron, Henry John  1894Footscray, Vic I114096
16 Cameron, Hubert Adwin  1903Footscray, Vic I103167
17 Cameron, Ian Walter  1909Footscray, Vic I121469
18 Cameron, Irma Winifred  1911Footscray, Vic I103172
19 Cameron, James  Footscray, Vic I82565
20 Cameron, James Eric  4 Apr 1910Footscray, Vic I103171
21 Cameron, Margaret Ellen  10 Apr 1896Footscray, Vic I78582
22 Cameron, Robert Ernest  1909Footscray, Vic I116529
23 Cameron, Ronald George  1907Footscray, Vic I116530
24 Graco, John  1886Footscray, Vic I44612
25 Greene, Joseph Gibson  1888Footscray, Vic I91746
26 Little, Joseph Foster  16 Aug 1865Footscray, Vic I31016
27 McVean, Joan Flora  1903Footscray, Vic I92373
28 Mobbs, Florence Matilda  11 Sep 1899Footscray, Vic I65100
29 Mobbs, Thomas Peter Thompson  1897Footscray, Vic I65102
30 Newell, Alice Bridget Victoria  1892Footscray, Vic I95920
31 Newell, Christina Cordelia  1885Footscray, Vic I95915
32 Newell, David  1872Footscray, Vic I95910
33 Newell, Ewen Cameron  1875Footscray, Vic I95912
34 Newell, Francis Cameron  1890Footscray, Vic I95919
35 Newell, Glynville  1886Footscray, Vic I95916
36 Newell, Joseph Patrick  1887Footscray, Vic I95917
37 Newell, Margaret  1888Footscray, Vic I95918
38 Newell, Mary Victorine  1873Footscray, Vic I95911
39 Newell, Nora  1883Footscray, Vic I95914
40 Newell, Thomas Redmond  1880Footscray, Vic I95913
41 Rundle, Cyril Hugh Granger  1919Footscray, Vic I109584


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bolton, James  1910Footscray, Vic I95922
2 Bolton, James Samuel  1935Footscray, Vic I95924
3 Brens, Joyce  1991Footscray, Vic I113529
4 Cameron, Alexander  14 Dec 1923Footscray, Vic I77139
5 Cameron, Archibald Hamilton  May 1954Footscray, Vic I114297
6 Cameron, Catherine Adelaide  1910Footscray, Vic I115859
7 Cameron, Charles Herbert  30 Jan 1956Footscray, Vic I116713
8 Cameron, Geoffrey Scott  11 Feb 2018Footscray, Vic I17183
9 Cameron, Irma Winifred  20 Oct 1915Footscray, Vic I103172
10 Cameron, Margaret  1906Footscray, Vic I116629
11 Cameron, Margaret  1969Footscray, Vic I78559
12 Cameron, Mary  1920Footscray, Vic I95921
13 Cameron, Mary Blanche  20 Sep 1980Footscray, Vic I12567
14 Cameron, Mary Jane  1940Footscray, Vic I109891
15 Cameron, Raymond  1976Footscray, Vic I116265
16 Cameron, Ronald  1903Footscray, Vic I116522
17 Cameron, Ronald  2 Jul 1941Footscray, Vic I116526
18 Cameron, Stanley Kenneth  1925Footscray, Vic I109922
19 Cameron, William James Bernard  15 May 1948Footscray, Vic I102973
20 Chester, Myrtle Edith  15 Mar 1983Footscray, Vic I117778
21 Dickeson, Jessie Glen  17 Jan 1985Footscray, Vic I15999
22 Dodd, Horace Walter  1976Footscray, Vic I46619
23 Emerson, Thomas Brendon  1970Footscray, Vic I91104
24 Matheson, Alexander  1947Footscray, Vic I103836
25 Mobbs, Thomas Peter Thompson  1964Footscray, Vic I65102
26 Nancarrow, Elizabeth Jane  1962Footscray, Vic I105975
27 Newell, Alice Bridget Victoria  1892Footscray, Vic I95920
28 Newell, Christina Cordelia  6 Mar 1885Footscray, Vic I95915
29 Newell, Ewen Cameron  21 Jan 1875Footscray, Vic I95912
30 Newell, Francis Cameron  1890Footscray, Vic I95919
31 Newell, Joseph Patrick  7 Nov 1887Footscray, Vic I95917
32 Newell, Margaret  21 Dec 1888Footscray, Vic I95918
33 Patford, Alan Frederick  1974Footscray, Vic I106563
34 Pearson, Edith  8 Dec 1931Footscray, Vic I122136
35 Rundle, Cyril Hugh Granger  1920Footscray, Vic I109584
36 Sandiford, Gertrude Adelaide  19 Aug 1968Footscray, Vic I105300
37 Sandiford, James Harold  22 Jun 1964Footscray, Vic I105298
38 Sandiford, John William Hilton  5 Dec 1929Footscray, Vic I78430
39 Storer, Veronica Alice  3 Mar 1984Footscray, Vic I91834
40 Thomson, Annie  29 Apr 1954Footscray, Vic I78431
41 Whittington, Walter Brown  1887Footscray, Vic I81526
42 Wilkinson, Edward Ellis  2 Sep 1961Footscray, Vic I105304


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Stanley Kenneth  16 Jan 1925Footscray, Vic I109922


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brown / Cameron  8 Mar 1932Footscray, Vic F14092
2 Cameron / Bromilow  1892Footscray, Vic F24079
3 Dowling / Sandiford  19 Dec 1914Footscray, Vic F32483

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