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Leichhardt, NSW



Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ayling, Heath  21 May 1887Leichhardt, NSW I88194
2 Cameron, Austin James Sydney  1907Leichhardt, NSW I117703
3 Cameron, Henry E.  1898Leichhardt, NSW I78016
4 Cameron, John Joseph T.  1906Leichhardt, NSW I91976
5 Cameron, John Reginald Roy  ca 1919Leichhardt, NSW I117401
6 Cameron, Lucy Agnes  1908Leichhardt, NSW I91977
7 Cameron, Lucy B.  1906Leichhardt, NSW I117174
8 Cameron, Marjorie L.  1904Leichhardt, NSW I117173
9 Cameron, Mary Elizabeth  1905Leichhardt, NSW I91975
10 Cameron, Robert Charles  1943Leichhardt, NSW I118360
11 Ellis, Eva Mabel  29 Oct 1918Leichhardt, NSW I88203
12 Fergusson, Margaret Wilsie  1892Leichhardt, NSW I48488
13 Goodchap, Charles Alfred  26 Jul 1884Leichhardt, NSW I15319
14 Hancock, Gwendoline  1902Leichhardt, NSW I103141
15 Hancock, Hilda C.  1898Leichhardt, NSW I103139
16 Hancock, Olga B.  1907Leichhardt, NSW I103143
17 Hancock, Stella I.  1900Leichhardt, NSW I103140
18 Hancock, Thelma M.  1905Leichhardt, NSW I103142
19 Hardisty, Daphne Ann  1929Leichhardt, NSW I112149
20 MacIntyre, Anne Elizabeth  1885Leichhardt, NSW I87335
21 MacIntyre, Donald B.  1884Leichhardt, NSW I87336
22 MacIntyre, Margaret Cameron  1888Leichhardt, NSW I87334
23 McIntosh, Elsie Alexandra  14 Nov 1903Leichhardt, NSW I33854
24 McIntosh, Mildred Rebecca Sutherland  16 Nov 1905Leichhardt, NSW I33855
25 Menhenick, Gordon R.  2 Feb 1903Leichhardt, NSW I88083
26 Neilsen, Laura Dorothy  1905Leichhardt, NSW I112687
27 Robertson, Francis C.  1894Leichhardt, NSW I107649
28 Robertson, William R.  1892Leichhardt, NSW I107648
29 Stuart, Sydney Leonard  2 Sep 1914Leichhardt, NSW I87607
30 Waugh, Angus James Campbell  1896Leichhardt, NSW I72020
31 Waugh, Eileen May  1901Leichhardt, NSW I72023
32 Waugh, Isabel Agnes  1895Leichhardt, NSW I72019
33 Waugh, Jean H.  1899Leichhardt, NSW I72022
34 Waugh, John Hall  1899Leichhardt, NSW I72021
35 Waugh, William Ronald Cameron  9 Apr 1903Leichhardt, NSW I72024


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Henry E.  1898Leichhardt, NSW I78016
2 Cameron, Jane  17 Jun 1938Leichhardt, NSW I10131
3 Cameron, John  26 Dec 1904Leichhardt, NSW I38134
4 Cameron, Joyce Edna  26 Jul 1943Leichhardt, NSW I90068
5 Cameron, Mark E.  1897Leichhardt, NSW I100005
6 Cameron, Roubina Jewell  Jun 1918Leichhardt, NSW I117050
7 Duncan, John McConnell  29 Apr 1938Leichhardt, NSW I5862
8 Goodchap, Charles Alfred  26 Jul 1884Leichhardt, NSW I15319
9 Liston, Hilda Martha  19 Oct 1939Leichhardt, NSW I78014
10 McRae, Hugh  3 Nov 1932Leichhardt, NSW I6217
11 Steele, Aubrey  1960Leichhardt, NSW I7715
12 Treneman, Jane  8 Oct 1917Leichhardt, NSW I108364
13 Waugh, Jean H.  1899Leichhardt, NSW I72022


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Callagher / Suel  22 Mar 1924Leichhardt, NSW F32038
2 Cameron / Ayling  22 Sep 1909Leichhardt, NSW F26971
3 Cameron / Cliff  1904Leichhardt, NSW F36316
4 Cameron / Holme  20 Apr 1892Leichhardt, NSW F5809
5 Heyden / Cameron  20 Oct 1923Leichhardt, NSW F36492
6 Johnston / Henderson  17 Jan 1917Leichhardt, NSW F6304
7 Malin / Mumford  1927Leichhardt, NSW F31559
8 McCredie / Barr  1906Leichhardt, NSW F29493

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