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at sea



Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arnott, Edward Haywood  16 Oct 1849at sea I65229
2 Broom, Mary Ann  May 1858at sea I23698
3 Cameron  1859at sea I46671
4 Cameron, Alexander Ocean  20 Dec 1855at sea I20659
5 Cameron, Anthony Stanley  17 Mar 1918at sea I87382
6 Cameron, Archibald  ca 1855at sea I30776
7 Cameron, Bessie Mary  ca 1857at sea I77126
8 Cameron, Catherine  1852at sea I59593
9 Cameron, Catherine  1848at sea I5484
10 Cameron, George Henry Tudor  1854at sea I100543
11 Cameron, Isabella  1838at sea I82356
12 Cameron, Isabella  8 Jan 1855at sea I82603
13 Cameron, Jane  9 Jun 1837at sea I3736
14 Cameron, Jane  28 Nov 1838at sea I40539
15 Cameron, Jessie Nicholson  1854at sea I3650
16 Cameron, Johanna Catherine Richardson  18 Sep 1838at sea I46281
17 Cameron, Margaret  6 Dec 1838at sea I53450
18 Cameron, Margaret  ca 1848at sea I46510
19 Cameron, Mary Ann  1855at sea I82604
20 Cameron, William Alexander  1 Apr 1817at sea I19119
21 Douch, William John  17 Jan 1839at sea I107913
22 Featherstone, William Paul  1839at sea I40031
23 Martin, Agnes Greig  Nov 1864at sea I52784
24 McDonald, Elizabeth  1839at sea I10464
25 McLaurin, Ann  1837at sea I42379
26 Oakes, Augustus John  26 Jan 1824at sea I97021
27 Thoroughgood, Walter Edward  1853at sea I25177


Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Adelaide Elizabeth  Aug 1853at sea I18754
2 Cameron, Alexander  1853at sea I82462
3 Cameron, Alexander D.  6 Apr 1856At sea I108888
4 Cameron, Alexandrina  12 Dec 1922at sea I60214
5 Cameron, Alfred Ernest  14 Jan 1915at sea I114180
6 Cameron, Allan  29 Apr 1810at sea I13353
7 Cameron, Angus  1852at sea I5758
8 Cameron, Catherine  1852at sea I25524
9 Cameron, Catherine  14 Nov 1852at sea I59631
10 Cameron, Christina  1852at sea I82608
11 Cameron, Donald  1852at sea I57107
12 Cameron, Eugene Hay  14 Feb 1885at sea I10338
13 Cameron, Geoffrey Valentine  23 May 1941at sea I94156
14 Cameron, George  1852at sea I43279
15 Cameron, Hugh Alan  22 Feb 1929at sea I104746
16 Cameron, Ian Leonard Roderick  1968at sea I64200
17 Cameron, Janet  21 Sep 1838at sea I53448
18 Cameron, John  1859at sea I120190
19 Cameron, John Andrew Edward  1 Jul 1942at sea I81602
20 Cameron, Margaret  1 Dec 1840At sea I96727
21 Cameron, Margaret  1852at sea I25543
22 Cameron, Margaret A.  ca 1859at sea I82635
23 Cameron, Norman  1852at sea I57105
24 Cameron, Peter  1853at sea I18020
25 Cameron, Capt. Robert  22 Jan 1807at sea I110656
26 Cameron, Robert Singleton  16 Nov 1916at sea I87572
27 Cameron, Roderic  14 Dec 1816at sea I19287
28 Cameron, Stanley Allan  1 Jul 1942at sea I3605
29 Cameron, Thomas  1853at sea I18021
30 Cameron, William  14 Mar 1920at sea I15618
31 Cameron, William Henry Moore  5 Dec 1916at sea I18945
32 Cameron, William John Sylvester  1 Jul 1942at sea I79650
33 Campbell, Isobella Eliza  1840at sea I109596
34 Foley, Capt. Stephen Denis  14 May 1943at sea I117398
35 Fraser, Hugh  12 Dec 1854at sea I59979
36 McMaster, Catherine  1855at sea I30746
37 Ongley, Madge  1970sat sea I89917
38 Phillips, Ann  1 Sep 1795at sea I31040
39 Sorel-Cameron, Herbert Augustus  13 Dec 1917at sea I110677
40 Sparks, George Cameron  1901at sea I63396
41 Stewart, Allan  1838at sea I104514
42 Stuart, Henry John  1942At sea I44800
43 Wauchope, Gertrude Fisher  at sea I51400

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